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Rob’s Blog v3.1

So, I’ve restarted my blog because we are supposed to blog for my “News and Current Affairs Theory” course. I always enjoyed blogging and really am glad to have the excuse to do it again, even if my readership will be far lower (non-existent, really) without the firestorm that is a picket line to draw readers

Who knows, I might post some of my old stuff under “Best of the RobSource” just to reminisce about how obnoxious “Happyscab” was. As it stands, I’m goito try and focus more on broader current events and media issues, as that’s quite a passion for me. That being said… I will often veer into the self-indulgent, narcissistic blogging habits that characterize the medium so you will probably see an equal number of posts about what blend of coffee I like today, or who/what got on my nerves today.

More posts coming soon!

February 13, 2009   No Comments