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Facepalm, in Broadcast Form

I know that criticizing Fox News for its editorial content is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel… but this clip just floored me.

CLICK TO WATCH Glenn Beck on “Socialism” VIA YOUTUBE

I can’t believe this. Right from the beginning with the bizarre ”Capitalism -> Socialism -> Communism” graphic, to the Soviet anthem playing in the background, to Glenn Beck accusing OTHERS of using “propaganda”, this clip is a mess of idiocy!

How does a network even pretend to be a news outlet with content like this? It’s a complete joke. I’m not even upset about the obvious slant. Fox has decided its function is to put forward neoconservative content – but this is just… smarmy and misleading. Does Glenn Beck even know what communism is? Changing the colours of your set to red and making lame jokes about “comrades” doesn’t really add to an intelligent discourse. 

It’s so frustrating to see policies that should be debated reduced to “Red Scare 2 – Electric Boogaloo” on a leading information (sigh – the label is so inaccurate) provider in the United States. 

I have to head out later tonight; I hope the large red welt on my forehead from the facepalm this video prompted isn’t too visible.

February 13, 2009   No Comments