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What did Obama have for lunch?

The Rick Mercer Report says what we’re all thinking…

As someone whose been on the hotspot during live programming, I understand how difficult it is to find a way to cover a huge event that people expect to be on television constantly. There are always huge gaps of time when nothing is happening but you can’t just sit around broadcasting nothing.

That being said, this is pretty hilarious. It does bring up interesting thoughts around how broadcasting gatekeepers decide what information is relevant.

Those who seek out their news through the internet are going to just search for the information that is relevant to them. I doubt Obama’s lunch menu will be that important to many (unless they happen to be there for lunch). News provided through an internet aggregator might not include anything like this, unless someone chose to seek it out. Whereas in the broadcast model, someone else just decided that it was important, so it made it to the air. I just found it interesting that in a more modern context this might not have been information we obtained at all.


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