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International Women’s Day and Pay Equity

So, International Women’s Day is today and it has me thinking about the Conservative government’s recent budget bill and how it alters pay equity laws.

To be honest, I don’t entirely understand what the changes mean. It’s apparently notable that the government is changing the term “pay equity” to “equitable compensation”. The language we use for this discourse is important, but I don’t totally understand either the legal or moral implications of the language change.

I’d normally turn to news outlets to help explain this to me. A greater background on the subject would help me synthesize what it means. I haven’t gotten that from any mainstream outlets. They certainly report the change, and report that it’s controversial, but I get no explanation as to why.

The only place I’ve been reading about this is in so-called “feminist” columns in the newspaper or online. It seems like the subject has alm0st been ghettoized; is the lack of coverage an attempt to represent pay equity as a niche issue? Since pay equity is inexoribly linked with the feminist movement, I have to say that I see the lack of coverage on the pay equity changes to be a way of sidelining women’s representation in the news.


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